Dec 17, 2012

Giving for the Holidays

Tis the season!

I’m sure that you all have bought your gifts, wrapped them and stuffed them under the tree. BUT…if you’re like me, you haven’t even started. Call me the Queen of Procrastination.

Anyhoo, I’ve been in love with dogs since I’ve been a kid. I grew up with a loving Wire Fox Terrier named Barkley (named after the Sesame Street dog). Now that I’m trying to be an adult, I own my own little guy named Charlie. The cutest Miniature Pinscher you’ve ever met.

To all of my Minnesota friends - A girl I went to high school with started a non-profit organization called Secondhand Hounds. The organization puts dogs into foster homes instead of housing them in kennels. This is a great way for the rescue pup to become accustomed to living with a family and people who will love them forever. Many of these dogs come from puppy mills. Some have health problems. Some have been completely depraved of any attention whatsoever and are now terrified of humans. Some are so malnourished their bones pop out. By now you get the point. This Christmas, the greatest gift you can give is to become a foster parent to one of these adorable dogs. Become a companion to someone who desperately could use it.

Please visit their website to learn more information.